Thought for the Week: Don’t Forget to Integrate What You Learn

As we move into March today, I wanted to share a thought for the week that also applies for this month as well.

Mindful Earthkeeper Thought for the Week:

Don’t forget to integrate what you’re learning.

In this video, I share ideas about integrating what you learn, and give an overview of what we’ve learned in Mindful Earthkeeper since the beginning of this year.

If you would rather read about this, check out the ideas below:

One way to integrate our experiences is to notice what we’re learning, and then practicing it, again and again.

So, today, I want to help you integrate and remember what we’ve been doing at Mindful Earthkeeper since the beginning of this year.

If you’re someone who has been following my work this year, you know we have had a focus  in 2023 on connecting with and transforming ourselves with the song of life. I have also been trying to share simple and practical ideas on sustainable life design.

On January 1st, I started with sustainable life design, and shared a list of 30 restorative actions that you can practice every day in ten minutes or less. One of mine this year has been simply to drink one more glass water of day. That’s been surprisingly hard. It’s not always easy to do simple changes. So, I celebrate all of you who have been consistently practicing one small change the you do every day.

Slow and steady is one framework for transform your life. You can find other examples of frameworks that we’ve been discussing in mindful earthkeeper over the last few years in the about/frameworks section on this site.

In January, we began to look at the concept of the Great Song of Life, something the Celts called the Oran Mor, or the Great Song. Other traditions also talk about sound creating the universe, including the scientific big bang theory. This year, we’re exploring is it possible to connect with the Great Song of Life consciously? I believe we always are, but maybe not

masterfully. Learning how to discover or pay attention to the song of our lives can be deeply transformational and easier than other ways of creating change for ourselves.

In different weekly posts, I presented a high level overview of the components of song: melody, harmony, rhythm and vibe. We had some fun looking at our current guiding song.

In February, we began to look at harmony so that we can do more of what we love to do in our lives, while creating less harm from those actions. I introduced the ideas of imperfect passions, harmony points and harmony boundaries, and how we can shift to become more restorative.

What’s Coming in March?

In March, we will focus of working with the rhythms of our lives. 

Next week, I’ll share some thoughts on playing with your three primary rhythms. As we move through the month of March we’ll be looking at collective rhythms and how we can get caught up in other people’s rhythms that are not right for us, and not so good for the planet either. I’ll be sending out a worksheet for working our three rhythms this month to the mindful earthkeeper email list. 

If you would like to receive that and other tools to create the life you love while doing less harm, please consider joining my email list. You can go to the link below to join that list. 

If you would like to practice integrating and exploring all these ideas about working with the song of your life in a healing virtual retreat, you have opportunity to do that at the Equinox Retreat on March 18th. We’ll be working with everything I’ve covered so far this year. We’ll start at 9am CST with five sessions that can help you rebalance and recalibrate yourself by noticing and refining the song of your life.

Here’s the link to read more about the Equinox Retreat and sign up.

I’m very lucky to have friends and colleagues who are doing the Work to make the world a kinder, more just, humane and sustainable place. I’m also delighted and excited to be on the boards of two non-profits who are doing work with healing water systems, decarbonization and resilience among other things. If you’re working in a green business, non-profit, in an eco-community, in the government or making your life more sustainable, thank you for what you do, and I hope that I can offer ideas, practices and tools through mindful earthkeeper that support and uplift you.

Thank you to everyone who sends me comments on posts, videos, Facebook and now Instagram. I’ve been hesitating to do reels on Instagram. I’m finally starting that journey, because it feels like the time to do that. I love your comments and I do appreciate your likes and support for my work.


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