Thought for the Week: What to Do – When Doing What You Love Harms the Earth

To finish off our series about harmonizing our lives with the past, present and future, let’s focusing on harmonizing with our best future, as individuals.

Often, sustainability and environmental issues in general are concerned with collective behavior. The changes that are needed for us collectively, often have to do with structural and technological changes that we can’t make as individuals.

Yet, our behavior as individuals does matter, and does create collective impacts.

Mindful Earthkeeper Thought for the Week:

One of the best ways we can heal the earth is to be honest about what we truly love and attempt to create as little harm as we can pursuing a life that we love.

One way to do what we love and create less harm is to play with our imperfect passions to create less harm.

You are probably have played with imperfect passions all of your life.

You may not have noticed each step. 

You may or may not have applied sustainability considerations to your passions. If you’re an Earthkeeper, you probably have.

You may have worked with harmony points and harmony boundaries, without knowing it.

Maybe, you played with imperfect passions in a more unconscious way. 

Or maybe boundaries have felt too constricting as if they are a way of enslaving or exploiting yourself. 

That is the opposite of what we want to do.

The Seven Steps for Creating Less Harm

The following seven steps can you help you be mindful of how you’re living your life, particularly your “free” time.

  1. Identify your imperfect passions and choose the ones that are most relevant for this time in your life.
  2. Experiment with harmony points and harmony boundaries for each of your top imperfect passions.
  3. Create a simple daily, weekly or monthly plan to track the effectiveness of your harmony points and harmony boundaries.
  4. Once you have found a good balance of imperfect passions, identify ways to be more sustainable with your imperfect passions – generally by reducing waste or toxicity.
  5. Make adjustments based on what does and doesn’t bring more harmony and create less harm.
  6. Enjoy your imperfect passions as a way that creates more harmony in your life and is less harmful to the earth.
  7. Share your ways of creating more harmony in your life with others.

Playing with Imperfect Passions to Create Less Harm is a strategy for personal growth and development that does not depend upon knowing your life’s big purpose. You don’t have to be rich or successful to live more harmoniously. You don’t have your whole life figured out. You can be a student, working, a caregiver, or retired. Most of all, you don’t have to monetize your imperfect passions. 

You just have to notice what you love to do.

Look for ways to use your free time as a way to create more harmony in your life and care for the earth at the same time. I believe our imperfect passions can bring more joy and balance into whatever stage of life we happen to be in.

This is why I’m holding a class this Wednesday to go over how you identify harmony points and harmony boundaries for our imperfect passions. We’ll also discuss how you can become more sustainable as you add more enjoyment to your life. 

By Playing with Imperfect Passions, you can reduce the harm that a life you truly love has on the health of the earth.

Playing with Imperfect Passions to Create Less Harm an important part of creating a Mindful Earthkeeper Harmony for Life Plan, which is unique to you, and can be an important tool for finding wholeness.

Paradoxically, we can find more spaciousness in our liveswhen we put harmony points and harmony boundaries in place.

To learn how to identify and work with the seven steps for creating less harm, join me this Wednesday evening for the Harmony for Life Workshop.

Published by Karen Powers Wan

Writer, Restorative Lifestyle Coach, Sustainability Project Manager, and Meditation Instructor.

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