Welcome to Mindful Earthkeeper

Welcome to Mindful Earthkeeper

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Our next seasonal retreat takes place on September 18, 2022. The focus this next season is on finding balance in tumultuous times. Sign up for the newsletter to learn more, or sign up for the retreat here.

Seasonal Course

The Healing with the Song of Life course starts on September 1st. In this course, we will focus on the power of nature and song to be a healing force in our lives.


Our focus during the summer is Relax into Action. This is the time of year which is often best for many of us to relax into action.

As we move into the Fall, we are going to be exploring the song of life and how we are a part of the great song, or as the great

An Uplifting Musical Pause

If you need a quick musical restoration, pause, pay attention to your breath, and listen to this beautiful three minute musical composition by Mindful Earthkeeper Joe Malambri.

At Mindful Earthkeeper, we specialize in gentle journeys that soothe your soul like a cup of green tea infused with lavender honey.

Women and men who work with us are often social innovators, sustainability professionals, nonprofit directors, teachers and healers seeking a kinder, wiser and more nurturing approach to better heal their lifestyle, their communities, and the earth.

Karen Powers Wan

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Our team of deeply talented and kindhearted collaborators offer healing meditations, music, retreats, insightful articles and online courses to grow your connection with your inner world, meet other social and environmental innovators, and heal the earth.

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