Are You a Mindful Earthkeeper?

It takes courage and persistence to be a mindful earthkeeper in a world that would often prefer to remain unconscious and destructive.

Most of us know that we need to SLOW DOWN and be more mindful to create new paradigms for living. We know we need to connect more with the sacred in ourselves and the world, and do less harm. And yet, we struggle to be mindful and get support.

Hello, my name is Karen Powers Wan. For over 15 years, I have worked on sustainability and earth restoration projects. During this time, I realized that I couldn’t do I wanted to do, without improving my level of mindfulness.

If you are like me, it breaks your heart that we’re not making much headway on restorative living. Waters continue to be polluted, the greenhouse gas content of the air continues to rise, and more and species of life continue to go extinct across the planet. Our despair over what’s not happening can make it difficult to stay focused and effective.

My goal with the Mindful Earthkeeper site is to create a bridge moving towards an earth renaissance in the coming decades.

Those of us who do want to be mindful earthkeepers need to support each other.

I hope you find that the blogs and materials on this site help you to be helpful and true to the path of mindfulness required of those of us who love the earth and want it to remain healthy and beautiful.