Are You a Mindful Earthkeeper?

It takes courage and persistence to be a mindful earthkeeper in a world that would often prefer that we remain unconscious and uphold the status quo. The goal with the Mindful Earthkeeper is to create a bridge of ideas, case studies, and strategies to help us move through the earth renaissance in the coming decades with wisdom and joy.

My focus at Mindful Earthkeeper is to combine the practical and spiritual elements necessary to create a kinder and healthier world. I share ideas on how businesses, communities and each of us as individuals have a role to rise and create an earth renaissance that brings healing prosperity for all.

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Be a Beacon – Visualization and Blessing

During the holiday season, many people experience deep sadness, disconnection and feelings of unworthiness.  You might be one of those people.  While it’s important to feel our feelings, we also benefit from staying centered in the power of connection. I’d like to share a visualization that is meant to help you own whatever feelings are coming up … Continue reading Be a Beacon – Visualization and Blessing

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