2023 Idea to Consider


Do you need a framework to make positive change happen?

No, you don’t need a framework to change.

People change all the time without a conscious framework or metaphor for change guiding their life, work or relationship choices.

You can see a few frameworks that we use here in our sustainable life design work at Mindful Earthkeeper.

So why use a framework?

Frameworks for change help us to focus our actions on what is important for the next stage of our life journey and growth.

You’ve probably worked with hundreds of frameworks consciously or unconsciously during your life.

While we don’t need frameworks or systems, we use them all the time.

You might have a frame of seeing the world as competition of the fittest. A dog eat dog world. In Western Society, most of us are indoctrinated with this frame from early childhood.

You might see life as a story, one of my favorite transformational frames.

Your spiritual beliefs can be a framework for positive change.

Your existential despair can be a framework for decision making.

It may be part of your life’s work to create positive frameworks for change for others.

Over the last 20 years, my clients and I have worked with many different frameworks for creating in their life and developing a more sustainable world.

There’s a benefit from creating frameworks for change. But as we can see with every global climate change agreement, frameworks often don’t get implemented or create the change we want to see.

Our goal this year is to help you choose a framework that helps you honor and restore yourself as well as proper in a sustainable way.

How to Choose a Framework:

– Understand the needs of your situation
– Use a framework that will help you focus your energies
– Be honest about what types of change have been most successful for you
– Take consistent action with whatever framework you choose to work with

Be careful about trying to work with too many frameworks. Sometimes, we can get addicted to trying something fun and new, rather than sticking with what works.

Check out the sidebar above for a quick overview for transformational frameworks that can help depending on your situation.

Karen Powers Wan
Founder at Mindful Earthkeeper

I’m a writer, sustainable life design coach, and certified mindfulness instructor.

My passion is to help my clients to prosper sustainably while they honor their unique abilities and talents and restore themselves as well as the earth.

I’m based in Illinois and serve on the board of the National Water Center and ES Evolution.

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