Karen Headshot 2020Hello there! My name is Karen Powers Wan.

I am a writer, sustainable living coach, mother of two sons, song writer, caregiver, nature lover, and certified meditation instructor.  

My goal is to help women and men who want to ensure their lives have stood for something uplifting and positive at the end of their days.

In the Mindful Earthkeeper, I share mindfulness and earth keeper strategies to help you move through this sometimes tumultuous, sometimes wonderful period of human history.

Being an earthkeeper in today’s world can be overwhelming. I love my mindful earthkeeper lifestyle which allows me to approach life and work problems with more poise and self-esteem, but it took me many years to create this way of living.  

It’s easy to get caught up in the idea that we should solve the world’s problems overnight, on our own. That is not a mindful way of being an earthkeeper.

Part of being an earthkeeper for me is caring for my mother. I have been a caregiver for my 90 year old mother for five years, after she had a heart attack and stroke.  I’m so lucky that she’s a mindful and adventurous person. In the five years since her illness, we have traveled across America and visited Europe a few times.  

Doing small sustainability projects and serving on the National Water Center board in Eureka Springs Arkansas helps me to stay current on practicing restorative work in the broader world.

The Mindful Earthkeeper’s blog is where I share tips and tools to experience the positive benefits of meditation, creativity and restorative living.  You can find out more about my sustainability consulting work at karenpowerswan.com.