Manifesting with Meditation

By Dr. Lisa Wipplinger

A lot of people talk about the power of manifesting.

Often, we miss how our imagination and intentions work together to manifest. We look for the big results, and miss the little signposts along the way.

Recently, I had a delightful experience of manifestation that illustrates what is possible when we practice visualizations and/or meditations and let go of timing and the way that results show up.

Last year, during the height of the pandemic, the founder of Mindful Earthkeeper, Karen Powers, created a special Sea of Prosperity visualization. (BTW, this is one of the practices we will be offering during the full Summer Sparkle program.)

We were meeting every day during that time to stay centered and optimistic. That was our central goal with meditations and visualizations. We wanted to stay positive during a difficult time.

For many months, we practiced the Sea of Prosperity visualization, allowing our imaginations to tap into hopes and dreams of what we would like to see happen in the world and our own lives.

In the Sea of Prosperity visualization, Karen would guide us to imagine walking on a wharf and choosing a boat for our adventure. We would always imagine a sunny day and beautiful sparkling water. Then, we would walk on the boat and choose something to drink and/or eat from a kind of smorgasbord. Often, I would visualize pineapple as my food of choice. Then we would take a trip out to the sea of prosperity, relaxing and allowing our imagination to offer us messages and encouragement.

Well, this past week, I was given an unexpected opportunity to take a VIP cruise in Puget Sound. I found myself entering a lovely cruise boat and being offered Pineapple sorbet. You can see from the pictures above that the cruise was on a beautiful, sparkling day. It felt like such a luxury to be on this unexpected adventure.

Today, I found myself thinking about how this experience mirrored our sea of prosperity visualization. This is the kind of experience we want to help you open up to during our Summer Sparkle program.

When we practice seeing something consistently, it has a way of showing up in our lives. This manifestation is a small example of how priming our minds for the kinds of experiences we want does work.

Karen and I have been manifesting changes together for several years, both big and small. My work in Seattle is another example of manifesting that maybe I will share on another day.

I would like to help you manifest beautiful experiences in our Summer Sparkle program. We will practice meditations and visualizations to help you: 

  • Access peace and joy
  • Understand what you want to create
  • Set the conditions for manifesting
  • Move through whatever challenges you may be facing with ease and grace
  • Celebrate your small and big wins

We would love to have you join us for the next class on July 25th. Weekly support classes are offered in the full Summer Sparkle program starting on July 9th.

You can sign up and learn more here.  

Come Sparkle with us!

Published by Karen Powers Wan

Writer, Restorative Lifestyle Coach, Sustainability Project Manager, and Meditation Instructor.

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