Summer Program

Coming out of the 2020/21 pandemic many of us need some revitalizing practices. You might naturally be feeling stuck, overwhelmed or confused. You may have unprocessed grief.

In this special program, Dr. Lisa Wipplinger and Karen Powers will lead you through a variety of mindfulness practices to help you move into your most authentic, most joyful and creative self.

Using both ancient and modern practices, we will:

  • Find a fun way to tap into energy of summer 
  • Expand your natural radiance
  • Expand your joy
  • Connect to the sacred and mindfulness in a Light-hearted Way
  • Add sparkle to your day 

Our summer Mindful Earthkeeper program includes three 90 minute sessions in June, July and August to help you connect with nature, yourself the peace and joy that is present all around you.

The first session on Wednesday, June 23rd and will give you a taste of the rest of the course where we begin with a mindfulness practice, and move into a practical application of questioning our experiences and thoughts. The first class will include a review of the first six months of 2021 tapping into the Work of Byron Katie.

In the basic course, you have access to the three sessions on Wednesday June 23, Sunday July 25th, and Sunday August 8th. Each class is recorded, and you will receive all the class materials.

The advanced program includes the three sessions, recordings, and class materials as well as supplement weekly mindfulness practice and group coaching on Friday mornings at 8:30 am CST.


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