How Toxic is Your Lifestyle?

This June 2021 in the Mindful Earthkeeper community, we’re looking at how we can use technology to reduce the toxicity of our lifestyle. One of the ways we will be doing that together is in a Mid-Year Review on June 23, 2021. Join our community below if you would like to take part in that free evening course.

Anyone who wants to be a mindful earthkeeper is concerned with how much they are contributing to the toxicity in the world. Not only material toxicity matters. The way our behaviors and actions affect the life of those around us is part of our toxicity load.

Given the urgency of climate change, collectively there is a big focus on reducing the amount of greenhouse gases our lifestyles add to the planet. Many of us focus on solar and wind power, and greener gadgets around our homes.

We also know that so many things we use in our daily lives are manufactured in ways that not only harm the atmosphere, but also create damage to ecosystems around the globe. So, we try to limit what we consume.

For some of us, growing our own organic food and moving towards zero waste living is important. There’s so much to learn to develop a less toxic lifestyle.

Many of us adopt a minimalist lifestyle to make living clean easier.

We can use technology to learn the best ways of doing all of these things.

Our question for you this June is how could use technology this month to lower the toxicity of your lifestyle?

Some simple ideas include:

  • Focus on Reducing Your Paper usage
    • Use less paper by typing notes on your phone or laptop
    • Create your grocery list instead of paper
  • Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
    • Sign up for notices that show your energy consumption
    • Sign up for renewable energy options via your city or local government
  • Become Less Wasteful
    • Join a community or county newsletter to notify of you recycling events
    • Become informed about zero waste living online
  • Become More Mindful
    • Use online programs to meditate more often
    • Track how you are spending your time and limit how much time you spend online each day

Obviously, technology can be used to add renewable energy options in your home and transportation that are dependent on technology. If you’re ready to upgrade your home this month, go for it!

We also know that technological solutions also have drawbacks. The products we use can end up adding toxicity in landfills and ultimately affecting our ground water.Social media can be deleterious to our mental health and make us forget that there is a beautiful world to explore and enjoy.

Technology alone is not the answer to all of our ecological or social problems, but it can help us create a brighter future if we use it wisely.

Let’s do our best this month to use technology to make our lives less toxic, easier and more fulfilling.

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Published by Karen Powers Wan

Writer, Restorative Lifestyle Coach, Sustainability Project Manager, and Meditation Instructor.

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  1. I’m sure the workshop will be very valuable. I’m unable to participate this month, but I’m truly interested in the topic, and have been truly assessing our home lifestyle and where we can identify waste, in time or consumer goods, hoping to correct course! I haven’t always been concerned, I have to admit, but at this time in my life, I am committed to doing better. The work you do is truly important, Karen.

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