Mindful Discovery

Magical moments in nature are happening all around us, and it only takes a little curiosity and luck to notice them.

In April, I was watering an outdoor hanging basket and noticed that a bird had created a nest with one little egg in it. By the end of the next week, seven eggs filled the nest, probably from different birds. I saw the first bird hatch a little later, and eventually five of the eggs created little wild birds that eventually flew away from the nest.

It was so much fun tracking the progression from the first egg to the last bird getting ready to leave. wild birds created in my outdoor hanging basket.

This is a very small thing to do compared to what you can find in professionally done documentaries.

But if you have some time this year, you might see if you can find some bit of wild magic and document it for yourself.

Published by Karen Powers Wan

Writer, Restorative Lifestyle Coach, Sustainability Project Manager, and Meditation Instructor.

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