Evolving Our Identity

This month’s theme is evolving our identity. Having a healthy identity is so important to our well-being and our ability to live well. 

The name for this community is identity based. I chose the name Mindful Earthkeeper partially because it’s an identity for people that I admire greatly, and it’s one that I strive to move towards. I also hoped the name would feel welcoming to anyone who aligned with this somewhat unusual identity. Not everyone chooses to be a mindful earthkeeper.

By our nature, mindful earthkeepers choose to keep evolving, and that means that we need to pay attention to identity. I have found that it is easier to evolve by aligning myself with practices of an identity that I aspire to be. 

The beauty of mindfulness is that it something we can practice in any situation. We can do it any moment. Mindfulness can also help us to see when we’re evolving.

Earthkeeping is a practice that can expand our lives and bring more joy and satisfaction. At the same time, it can be discouraging when we see the state of the world, which is why mindfulness is so important.

This year with the help of several collaborators, I’m pulling together short ebooks on different aspects of mindfulness and earthkeeping practices. The writing is going slower than I would have liked, but I hope to share some of these books with you by April when we have our second annual Restorative Living Challenge.

This month, I encourage you to think about the concept of evolving your identity through your daily, weekly and seasonal practices.

How are you practicing mindfulness as a part of your restorative lifestyle? Have you noticed how you have evolved because of your practices? In terms of earthkeeping, can you honor the ways in which you are restoring and healing the earth, and notice how those practices restore you as well?

Of course, mindfulness and earthkeeping are only two practices you can be doing to keep evolving. What other practices are helping you to evolve beautifully now?

I’m looking forward to giving you many tools to be mindful and sustainable in the year ahead. For this month, I hope that you can deeply honor yourself for all the ways you keep evolving your concept of yourself, and practicing a kind, peaceful, creative and restorative way of living.

Thank you for being an evolved and evolving part of this community!

Published by Karen Powers Wan

Writer, Restorative Lifestyle Coach, Sustainability Project Manager, and Meditation Instructor.

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