The Celebrate Your Destiny Project

The goal of the Celebrate Your Destiny Project is to respect your life’s journey while you are still alive, and share a brief but powerful celebration of your life with those you love.  This is also a way to better understand your own life’s journey, and what talents and skills you might still like to develop.

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Each of us has a compelling and unique story of our life and destiny.  You might be surprised how many people would love to learn more about your story.

Is it time to celebrate your destiny?

So many of us don’t take the time to look back at our lives and see what we learned, and the values we want to share with those we love.  Part of the problem is that it seems too hard to do.

We want to share the important moments of our lives with our family and friends but we don’t know how to get started.

Ten years ago, when my father died, I had the task of pulling together photos that represented his life and the essence of who he was.  I had a hard time doing this, with only a few hours to pull them together.  It would have been so nice to have known more about the moments in his life that mattered most to him.

What if you could Create a Short but Powerful Autobiography the People You Love Would Want to Read?

I stumbled upon a simple way to do this.

A short time ago, I was thinking of a way to say thank you to a friend and client of mine, who had been writing books with me for over a decade. As a gift I decided to create a short snapshot of his life that pulled together quotations, photos, and ideas that he might want to share with his family.  He loved it, and laughingly called it his unauthorized autobiography.

His reaction got me to thinking that so many of us could use a simple way of creating a celebration of our destiny.

So, I created the Celebrate Your Destiny Template.

The template and guide help you to:

  • Pull together the themes and important moments of your life story
  • Create a treasured gift for those you love, so that they know what mattered to you in your life
  • Help your family to be prepared for the time when you are no longer here
  • Honor yourself in a deeper way than you ever thought to do
  • Notice what you still want to do and be before the end of your life

This is the simplest and easiest way that I know to create a celebration of your life or someone you care about deeply.

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