The Mindful Earthkeeper Teachers

At Mindful Earthkeeping, we believe in the power of collaborating and sharing ongoing support. Our teachers work together to lead uplifting workshops, retreats, classes, retreats and community projects across the United States.

Each of the Mindful Earthkeeper teachers has a deep passion to usher in a new era of earth renewal through individual, community and business change.

Karen Powers Wan

Founder of Mindful Earthkeeper

Karen is the founder of the Mindful Earthkeeper. She leads classes and retreats with other Mindful Earthkeeper collaborators throughout the year. Her over 20 years of experiences managing and assisting with sustainability projects for business and communities, motivated her to convene a restorative lifestyle community with like minded collaborators. She lives in Aurora, Illinois with her family and two dogs.

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Dr. Lisa Wipplinger

Senior Collaborator, Ecovillage Consultant

Dr. Lisa Wipplinger uses her skills as a leader, teacher, engineer, and healer to co-create, anchor and activate paradigm-shifting regenerative communities, spiritual centers, sustainable ecological sanctuaries and education centers worldwide. Lisa serves as the Executive Director of the National Water Center, based in Eureka Springs Arkansas. She currently resides in Seattle Washington where she works as a senior structural engineer and ecovillage consultant.

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Nina Perkins

Senior Collaborator, Restorative Lifestyle Consultant

Nina is a workshop leader, teacher and contributor to Mindful Earthkeeper articles about sustainable life design. (Nina) is the founder and Executive Director of E.S. Evolution, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, which has a focus on environmental and sustainability issues. Before E.S. Evolution, Nina served 8 years in the U.S. Army as a Tactical Telecommunications Specialists. After military service, she worked as a Network Engineer and Data Maintenance Manager for IBM Global Services, AT&T Global Network Services, and SBC Ameritech. Nina was appointed to the Veterans Advisory Council and Sustainable Advisory Board. Nina has a Master of Arts, Environmental Studies with a concentration in Sustainable Development and Policy from the University of Illinois at Springfield.

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Joe Malambri

Music Collaborator

Joe Malambri has been a musician, composer and teacher for over 20 years. He creates original restorative music for our classes, meditations and Mindful Earthkeeper retreats. He lives in Crystal Lake, Illinois in a log cabin home with his family.

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