Sustainable Life Design

How do we heal ourselves and the earth?

There are so many frameworks that we can use to become more sustainable.

The challenge is that none of them have been working too well so far.

Yet, if we care about ourselves and the earth, we want to find ways to be healing the earth as well ourselves.

We want to be part of the solution rather than the problem.

Sustainability Begins With the Global

Sustainability as a global concern began to surface in the 1970’s. But the problems of sustainability can be traced back to the ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman civilizations which created issues around deforestation and loss of fertility of soil.

Every continent on the earth now faces problems that stem from human’s desire to see progress in the human condition without concern for the impact on the health of the earth and its ecosystems.

The challenge with trying to heal the earth through sustainable development whether collectively or individually is that the system of interconnections across the globe is complex.

What happens in one location affects conditions on the other side of the world.

What are the Top Global Concerns?

Depending on where you are in the world, the top concern might be different. These are some of the big ones that sustainability advocates across the globe are concerned about:

  1. For the past decade or so, we hear more about climate change than another environmental concern. There are many reasons for this to be a major global concern.
  2. The health, availability and cleanliness of water is another top concern..
  3. Problems with handling increasing levels of waste is another concern. Again, the waste products of one area often affect conditions in another place.
  4. Maintaining wild places to protect life across the planet is another global concern. Again the consumerism of one part of the globe can drive devastation that destroy rainforests, marshes, and other ecosystems that protect us from an excess of greenhouse gases.
  5. Depletion of the health of soil is as much of a concern now as it was in ancient days when humans first began to degrade ecosystems.

All of these concerns and others such as social justice and animal rights need to be addressed in any kind of sustainable life design.

When you think about your life plans, do you consider some of these top five concerns in how you set goals, track personal progress?

Do you create your life with the needs of the earth in mind?

Sustainable Life Design Opportunities

In April and October of this year, we’ll be offering Sustainable Life Design courses to help you create progress in your life in a different way?

We address the top five global concerns from an individual and local community basis.

You may very well be doing regional and global work, and so we do discuss ideas on how to collaborate more effectively as well.

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