Personalized Sustainable Life Design

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Mindful Earthkeepers

Our Coaches

Nina Perkins

Karen Wan

Dr. Lisa Wipplinger

There is a difference between normal life coaching and sustainable life design coaching.

Our goal is to help create a more satisfying, fulfilling and prosperous life while also making the earth a healthier place.

We aren’t going to push you to achieve materialistic success at all costs.

Each of our Mindful Earthkeeper coaches has different areas of expertise related to sustainable living and personal growth. You can click on the links in the left column to get a sense of the point of view and strengths of each coach, and how they might help you in a personal discovery session.

Discovery Session

All our coaches use the sustainable life design questionnaire as a starting point for discovery.

Your 90 minute discovery session takes place after the coach reviews the sustainable life design questionnaire that you fill out prior to our session.

In the discovery session, your coach will listen to your most pressing goals and needs, and help you create a customized map of how sustainable life design that you can use now and for years to come.

When you work with a Coach:

– Review of your personalized sustainable life design
– 90 minute session
– Custom Sustainable Life Design Map

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