Restorative Lifestyle Kit

When you need to make a change that lasts.

It can be fun to be restorative.

The Restorative Lifestyle Kit is for women and men who have wanted to live and work differently for a long time, and know it’s no longer wise to stay stuck.


Look at your life and career goals from a different perspective.


Create your unique Restorative Life Map with a kit that makes goal setting and working with intentions and visualizations easier.

Work It

Work with your restorative life map once a week for ten minutes, and see miracles happen.

I felt alone with my goals and dreams for a better world until Karen and Lisa came along. The restorative life map kit is something that I would recommend for anyone who wants to enjoy the process of change and find kindred spirits who are committed to a brighter future for us all.

Alex S.

Let’s make your life beautiful together.

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