Frameworks for Change

When you want to make a change that lasts, adopt a sustainable framework.

Do you need a framework to make a positive change happen?

No, you don’t need a framework to change.

People change all the time without a conscious framework or metaphor for change guiding their life, work or relationship choices.

So why use a framework?

Frameworks for change help us to focus our actions on what is important for the next stage of our life journey and growth.

You’ve probably worked with hundreds of frameworks consciously or unconsciously during your life.

While we don’t need frameworks or systems, we use them all the time.

You might have a frame of seeing the world as competition of the fittest. A dog eat dog world. In Western Society, most of us are indoctrinated with this frame from early childhood.

You might see life as a story, one of my favorite transformational frames.

Your spiritual beliefs can be a framework for positive change.

Your existential despair can be a framework for decision making.

There are many different frameworks for creating a more sustainable world. There’s a benefit from creating frameworks for change. But as we can see with every global climate change agreement, frameworks often don’t get implemented or create the change we want to see.

This means we need to keep learning, experimenting and refining our ways of living.

At Mindful Earthkeeper, we explore and discuss different mindfulness and sustainable living frameworks to help you design your life in a way that is sustainable and impactful.

You may be the person who is needed to create a framework for change to heal an ecosystem local to you, or the earth as a whole.

I felt alone with my goals and dreams for a better world until Karen and Lisa came along. I recommend their work to anyone who wants to enjoy the process of change and find kindred spirits who are committed to a brighter future for us all.

Alex S.

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