Earthkeeper’s Promise Mentoring

Earthkeepers Promise applies classic mentoring practices to women and men who have a calling to care for the earth and want to create heart-centered change and impact.

I offer four types of mentoring based on my work over the last fifteen years:

  • Journey – when you are need in need of a new adventure or in the midst of one
  • Mindset – when you face inner and outer conflicts
  • Creative – when you are seeking to create a finish a project, work of art, or innovation
  • Legacy – when you want to assist future generations with a lasting positive contribution.

Each of these types of transformation require different types of skills, and I can help you optimize how you approach change in your life and work.

If you know you’re ready for introductory mentoring, you can sign up here:

Mentoring begins with an introductory session where we explore what type of transformational journey do you need or are in the process of moving through at this time. Based on a questionnaire that you fill out prior to our session, we determine together how to choose your likely best path forward.

I also offer two packages for people who want to work with me in a deeper way with ongoing mentoring. Having a companion on most types of transformations can be a great help. I designed a simple package for people who need some help for a short time.

The Clarity and Accountability package is for those of you who would like to keep working with me and move forward with mentoring with the journey or mindset transformations. This package costs $300 for 4 sessions. There’s a minimum of two weeks between sessions so that you can integrate what we learn together. Depending on the time of mentoring you seek, you can also spread it over 6 months, and take some time between sessions to practice the mentoring suggestions.

We build upon what we’ve discovered in your introductory session.

The Creator package is designed specifically for those people who would need longer term support to create products, services, art or a business. This can also be beneficial for those of you that are working on creating a legacy. It’s $450 for 6 sessions, which are spaced out over the course of six months. The additional sessions in this package allow us to work on a project or objective together for six months.

You must enroll in the introductory session to join the longer programs.

There are no refunds for mentoring packages, so I encourage you to become familiar with my work before signing up by joining our monthly newsletter, and viewing other content on this site.


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