Beginnings in Writing and Life

The way a book begins matters.  It’s the same for a journey of any sort. The first lines of a novel give us a sense of the style of the author, the storyline of the plot and often the genre we will be reading. In the same way that a writer works diligently at creating andContinue reading “Beginnings in Writing and Life”

Reaching the End of What You Know – Finding Your Intuition

Today, when I was reading my favorite blogs, I read an explanation from psychic Amy Keast on Trusting your guides and how she finds her intuition, which fed perfectly into what I had planned to write today. How many times have you heard people tell you to follow your intuition? In my case, I don’t knowContinue reading “Reaching the End of What You Know – Finding Your Intuition”

Awakening Your Natural Goodness

On Sunday, I suggested an exercise for anyone who wanted to release the brakes on their energy. Today, I wanted to go a little further with that idea through a writing exercise that helps you to get in touch with your own natural goodness and allow it to flow through your life. There are many ways to feel the goodnessContinue reading “Awakening Your Natural Goodness”