Every Person Has the Power

by Karen Powers Wan

Every person has the power to live a restorative life. It doesn’t matter if you lived a pure life or a destructive life up until now.

This is a great time to become more restorative.

To create the kind of future our descendants deserve, we must learn to embrace a different way of living.

But the beauty of a restorative lifestyle is that it benefits us as much as it benefits the earth.

When we live restoratively, we can live longer and healthier lives full of purpose and connection to the rest of life.

When we live restoratively, we know our actions matter, no matter or how small or simple, they add to the positive evolution of humanity and society.

Simplicity is one of the driving principles of a restorative life, even though the complexity of our bodies and life on earth is awe inspiring.

We humans evolved to need a few basic things — food, water, shelter, rest and companionship. Oftentimes, with the barest level of these human essentials we can survive. A restorative lifestyle can help you to move beyond survival mode.

To live a restorative life means that you matter as much as anyone else.

In the mindful earthkeeper community, we’re going to spend a great deal of time this year focused on how to create a restorative life that improves your happiness, contentment and makes the world a healthier place.

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Published by Karen Powers Wan

Writer, Restorative Lifestyle Coach, Sustainability Project Manager, and Meditation Instructor.

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