Be a Beacon – Visualization and Blessing

During the holiday season, many people experience deep sadness, disconnection and feelings of unworthiness.  You might be one of those people.  While it’s important to feel our feelings, we also benefit from staying centered in the power of connection.

I’d like to share a visualization that is meant to help you own whatever feelings are coming up for you, and acknowledge your power to affect others in positive ways.

This visualization connects with what I call my Sustaining Story blessing:

Honor your life story.

no matter what it has been,

because your story has sustained you up to this day.

And who knows what untold good you may have done?

Or what kindness, compassion and beauty

you can still create,

and share generously with the world,

before your story is ended.

The Sustaining Story blessing is a restorative pause that can help you to remember your own goodness. 

In this visualization, (which you can listen to me lead here), we go a step further by celebrating the mystery of your unseen connection to the soul journey of life on earth.  

Allow this visualization to help you feel the role you play in sustaining goodness in the world.  Honor yourself.  Know that without the blessing of your presence, love, and energy, goodness would be diminished. You are important. 

To begin the visualization, find a space where you can be comfortable, and relax into your seat.

Notice your breathing, and let it settle into its own natural rhythm. No need to change it

Feel your body relaxing, and let it sink into your seat. 

Begin to connect with your people or other beings on this planet, who need your light, your wisdom, your humor, kindness, love, or your particular essence.  You can also connect with people or pets that are no longer here. 

You are a beacon, whether you are conscious of it not.  The people who need you, want to experience your energy, your presence.  You can help do so through this visualization.

All you need to do is activate your own goodness. We can shut off our beacon of positive energy, and we can also turn it on.

For the new few minutes or moments, turn on your positive energy, and imagine it reaching all of the people and other life that need to experience your energy.

Some of these people, you will never meet.  Others have yet to meet you.  Your beacon of positive qualities and presence empowers others.  For today, choose a quality you want to send.  Maybe you want to send love or kindness.  Perhaps respect or courage.  Or you can just send positive energy.  

With each breath, in and out, send out more of the energy others need to experience from you.  

For as long as you are able, feel your energy empowering others.

And feel their appreciation for you, just as you are, coming back to you.

Allow this flow of positive energy to keep extending out.  You might see faces of people or just energy, or you may see or feel nothing in this experience. Know that your presence on this earth is restorative to others.

Perhaps, you are here to be part of an Earth Renaissance, as so many of us are. Your energy and presence heal others. 

Practice being a beacon of positive energy for about a minute.

When you feel complete, release the visualization.

This simple visualization helps you connect with your power.  You can choose to send different kinds of positive energy to those who need you.  You can do this very quickly, even when you’re standing in line at a check-out counter, or between activities during your day.

There’s something very powerful that happens when we choose to be a beacon of healing energy.  You allow yourself to be powerful and this gives you a transformation in you as you try to uplift others.

This is not meant to be a spiritual by-pass where you ignore your reality or any challenges you face. It’s simply a way of acknowledging your connection to the rest of life, and your ability to have a positive impact in a very simple and profound way.

If you would like to hear this visualization with my friend Joe Malambri playing a lovely Bach accompaniment in the background, just click on this link.

Published by Karen Powers Wan

Writer, Restorative Lifestyle Coach, Sustainability Project Manager, and Meditation Instructor.

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