Celebrate Your Life!

Too many of us think that the life we have created through luck, accident and choice, is not a story worthy of being celebrated and written for someone else to read.

Yet, when you think about the people in your life who are no longer alive to share their story with you, don’t you wish that they had taken the time to share more about their feelings, thoughts and perspectives?

This year, I would like to suggest that you take the time to celebrate your life, maybe by writing a mini-memoir.

Make it easier for your significant others, children, family and friends by contemplating your life in a bigger way than you maybe have ever allowed yourself to do before.

You may have read about Swedish death cleaning, where men and women in Sweden during their middle age clean out their homes so that they don’t leave junk behind for their family to have to handle when they die.  

A Celebrate Your Life mini- book is another idea to consider as you grow older.  

Have you shared your wisdom, your perspective, and your love with the people that matter most to you?  There are many people who would love to know more about your challenges, your joys, triumphs and what you learned from failure.

My suggestion is that you write a short 20 to 30 page “book” with photos, drawings, sayings, and the story of your life highlighted in an easy to read format.

If you had to summarize your life experience in a few pages, what are your big themes?  Who are the people that made your life worth living?  

When you think about it, your life has been incredible, and maybe it’s time to share your story with others.

Published by Karen Powers Wan

Writer, Restorative Lifestyle Coach, Sustainability Project Manager, and Meditation Instructor.

One thought on “Celebrate Your Life!

  1. I like the direction of your recommendations, Karen. I have never before heard of the Swedish death cleaning and it fascinates me. It does feel to me that Americans in general, and that includes me, have a difficult time preparing for a time when we are no longer here! I’ll look forward to your future posts when you share more about writing the little books. I think this is such a good idea!

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