One of our main goals with Mindful Earthkeeping is to support a global Earth Renaissance through our work with people like you, who are doing what they can to restore and heal their communities, countries and the world.

Through our classes, retreats, mindfulness practices and sustainable life design courses, we seek to share life changing ideas and practices that help you to uplift your life and uplift the world.

We have three core values that we teach:

Honoring yourself and the world.

Restoring yourself and the world.

Prospering yourself and the world.


One of the core frameworks of Mindful Earthkeeper is to honor your life story, and expand the most restorative themes and values in your life. We offer seasonal retreats to help your keep respecting your role in the Earth Renaissance.


Every week, we encourage you to practice foundational mindfulness practices to clear your mind, improve your focus, expand creativity, and connect with the rest of life. Our free weekly mindfulness practice can help with this.


Throughout the year, we explore different ways of creating wealth and abundance that are not destructive to our world or ourselves. Throughout the year, we offer events and classes to help your create and update your sustainable life design.

Let’s create an Earth Renaissance together.

There are sp many great ideas on how to create positive change in the world. Most of us need longer-term support to make bigger changes and transformations happen.

If you resonate with our approach and vibe, we’re here to help you discover and remain committed to practices and choices that help you honor and restore yourself so you can live well and prosper with a clear conscience.

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