Winter 2023 Class

Is it Time to Restore Your Well-Being this Winter?

Most of us have heard that we have a vibe that people experience when they interact with us.

If we look deeper that vibe is dependent upon a number of earthly factors that creates our individual earth song. We can view these factors as elements of a song – the melodies, harmonies and rhythms of our life.

In a series of three classes, we’ll explore how your vibe can both harm and improve your health and well-being. We will look at how our Earth Song connects with the Great Song of Life, and how we can use that connection to uplift our vibe.

Do each of us have an Earth Song?

The answer to that question depends on how you define the idea of song.

The three main elements of song are melody, rhythm and harmony. We like to add the element of vibe when we consider the idea of having an earth song.

In measurable ways, our human bodies have a vibration, like the rest of life on earth.

Metaphorically, each of us has a vibe, a preferred rhythm and ways of finding harmony in our lives.

In the Uplift Your Earth Vibe class, we look at how the internal components of our earth song influence our vibe, as well as the external components of place, community and societal roles.

Why Might Your Earth Vibe need to be Uplifted?

Sometimes, it’s easier to recognize the song of our life by looking at where it’s not working as well as we would like it to be.

  • You might struggle with their vibe. Maybe your vibe is holding you back from being more successful, happier and authentic. Conversely, your vibe can be our greatest strength. 
  • You may need to refine the melody of their life. Perhaps, you need to work on understanding their unique gifts and talents, and using them more fully. Or your melody of genius and strengths changes the world around you.
  • You might  benefit from restoring harmony. Possibly some of your relationships are imbalanced or discordant. You may struggle with boundaries.  It’s also possible that you are someone who know how to stay balanced and harmonious.
  • You may need to find the right rhythm for their daily life and work. Perhaps, you are so out of sync with your natural rhythm that you have become sick or less creative.  It could also be that you’ve arranged your life to be aligned with your natural rhythms.

Few of us have fully optimized the song of our life. So, if you find that you need help in all these areas, you are not alone.

Three Healing Sessions in Early 2023

The first three months of the year can set the tone for the whole year and be the perfect time of year to listen to, understand and uplift the best aspects of ourselves.

The Uplift Your Earth Vibe class includes 75 minute classes will be held online at 7pm CST on January 19, February 16th and March 18th, 2023.

In these classes, we’ll identify our individual natural song, and its shifting melodies, harmonies and rhythms. We’ll also be integrating shifts and transformations that we want to create between each session.

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