Sustainable Life Design with Karen

Discovery Session

My approach to sustainable life design is influenced by my work in the last twenty years with hundreds of individuals and organizations, as well as the two biggest cities in Illinois. I’ve coached executives at small green businesses and non-profits. I also ran an award winning green business network for the City of Chicago many years ago. More recently I helped update an award wining City of Aurora Sustainability Plan.

My goal with personal coaching is the same as other Mindful Earthkeeper coaches, which is to help people honor, restore and prosper themselves while also helping the earth.

Together, the coaches and I developed the sustainable life design questionnaire to give you an experience of discovery just from filling out the questionnaire.

My Focus Areas

My coaching combines of sustainability and mindfulness practices with the frameworks of story, seasonal change, and more recently song.

I believe that we can’t create a more sustainable world until we change the guiding collective story or song about what it means to live well.

To me, every coaching session is an opportunity to help you be a change maker in the world, no matter what work you do, or how young or old you may be.

My approach for the discovery session includes helping you to own and identify your unique vibe. We also review your life from the point of view from song, and look at the melodies, rhythms, harmonies. We do this together to expand your understanding of yourself, and what is possible for you.

This process applies sustainable life design principles for your unique circumstances, environment, personality, skills and goals.

Discovery Session

Before we meet, I read what you have told me in your sustainable life design questionnaire. The first analysis is the same for every coach in the first half hour.

Each coach shares their insights in the second hour, and we create a customized sustainable life design from that time, which can be used for years to come, because it’s based on your unique gifts and interests.

I call this first session, the Earth Song session, because it helps you to see your impact in the world from a higher view. I believe your “song” is an important part of healing the earth and its song.

What You’ll Receive:

– 90 Minute Session
– Identification of your guiding song, your signature song and motifs, and your best environment for success
– A Custom Sustainable Life Design Plan

The cost for this 90 minute introductory session is $350

Karen Powers Wan
Founder at Mindful Earthkeeper

I’m a writer, sustainability coach, and certified mindfulness instructor. My passion is to help my clients to prosper sustainably while they honor their unique abilities and talents.

I’m based in Illinois and serve on the board of two Sustainability Oriented NGOs.

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