Seasonal Retreats

Our Seasonal Classes and Retreats provide the practical support to play with the changing rhythms, cycles and during the year to get unstuck and move joyfully into the next chapter of your life.

In 2022, we’re trying a new format for our seasonal retreats to better meet the needs of our mindful earthkeeper community. So many of you are exhausted, stressed, and maybe discouraged by what’s been happening in the world.

We’re providing more nurturing support by adding a half-day retreat on the new moon before each equinox or solstice this year. During that vision quest of sort, we we will be giving ourselves time to receive intuitive nudges, insights, group inspiration, and ahas about what needs to shift or be celebrated in the next season.

Then, on or near the equinox or solstice, we’ll meet together again to balance the yin energy of the vision quest with a more action oriented 90 minute session.

The retreats will also include materials from the Mindful Earthkeeper Foundation series Depending on the audience, we will touch on subjects such as how to grow a nonprofit, develop regional sustainability networks and eco communities, as well as individual mindful and lifestyle tips. 

The four 2022 seasonal themes are:

  • Spring – the ability to grow eco prosperity without workaholism.
  • Summer – how to share the message of your life and work.
  • Fall – fostering the ability to heal yourself and others.
  • Winter – a chance to recalibrate our energy and choices at the end of the year. 

Spring 2022 Retreat

Our next equinox retreat begins on Wednesday, March 2nd, with the second session on Sunday March 19th. The focus of this set of meetings is how to work with eco prosperity mindsets and where we are in our personal creative cycle.

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