Mindful Discovery

Magical moments in nature are happening all around us, and it only takes a little curiosity and luck to notice them. In April, I was watering an outdoor hanging basket and noticed that a bird had created a nest with one little egg in it. By the end of the next week, seven eggs filledContinue reading “Mindful Discovery”

Mindful Restoration With Water

As human society has become more destructive, threatening the natural world in so many ways. To be restorative, we need to become more mindful of our actions in the world, and the way we interact with water in practical and spiritual ways is particularly crucial.

In May, the Mindful Earthkeeper will be exploring the healing power of water. Dr. Lisa Wipplinger, the Executive Director of the National Water Center, and Karen Powers, founder at Mindful Earthkeeper. We will be sharing a free video class in mid May on healing with the water to anyone on our newsletter list. The handout with the class also shares other resources you can tap into to become more mindful of how to restore yourself with water, and also to restore water in the earth’s ecosystems.

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