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The Restorative Life – Start with the Essentials

If you joined our April Restorative Challenge launch last week, you know that we started looked restorative living from some different points of view, including what type of change we’re experiencing or need to experience, and some goal setting by the types of life transformation we’re doing.  We also discussed slowing down to restore ourselvesContinue reading “The Restorative Life – Start with the Essentials”

Evolving Our Identity

This month’s theme is evolving our identity. Having a healthy identity is so important to our well-being and our ability to live well.  The name for this community is identity based. I chose the name Mindful Earthkeeper partially because it’s an identity for people that I admire greatly, and it’s one that I strive toContinue reading “Evolving Our Identity”

Magical Evolution

By Karen Powers Wan There are times in our lives when we are ready to evolve to the next level of our being. We may not think we’re ready, but life offers an opportunity to grow. Change calls to us every day. Most of us would prefer our changes to feel magical or at leastContinue reading “Magical Evolution”

Manifesting with Meditation

By Dr. Lisa Wipplinger A lot of people talk about the power of manifesting. Often, we miss how our imagination and intentions work together to manifest. We look for the big results, and miss the little signposts along the way. Recently, I had a delightful experience of manifestation that illustrates what is possible when weContinue reading “Manifesting with Meditation”

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