New for 2023 – Song of Life Framework

In 2023, we are exploring a different kind of framework for change.

It’s the frame of viewing life as song.

It’s not a new framework.

It’s ancient in fact.

Yet, maybe we don’t use this frame as much as we could.

Vibration and “song” are transformational forces in the universe and here on earth.

Some teachers believes that all transformation is vibrational.

There is benefit from seeing our lives as songs connected to a Great Song of Life.

A Song of Life framework can help us shift our perceptions about the value and beauty of our lives.  It can help us embracing the unique song of our life in transformative ways.

Song of Life Basics

A song is made up of three majors components:  melody, harmony and rhythm.

I would add that songs also often have a vibe.

You can think of songs that are scary, uplifting, gentle, passionate, discordant, all types of vibes.

Our lives can be viewed as having melodies, harmonies, rhythms, and an overall vibe.

Identifying your signature song can be a pathway to transformation.

Let’s go a step further with this framework.

Each of us is a part of the song of the earth too.

As human beings we have a miraculous ability to create new songs.

We affect and shift the song of the earth.

Song is perhaps the common language across the earth that we can feel and understand without knowing another country or people’s language.

Consider the song of your life on the earth.

The Benefits of Seeing Life as Song

This framework integrates well with other frameworks.

For instance, consider the whole brain living framework.

Song helps us tap into the right side of our brains. 

Song integrates the left and right sides of our minds and body,

Song is what people with memory loss remember when they no longer have access to other memories.

Song is powerful and a more holistic frame than story.

The frame of story tends to be more left brained. More linear. More logical. Although not all stories follow a set pattern.

Story is a beneficial frame for change, but it has limits.

Song has structure too, but it’s more fluid and adaptable.

Scientists seem to think that song preceded story making for our ancient ancestors.

Humans are song making creatures.

Consider that you are a powerful creator of earth songs.

Perhaps you are here to create new songs of life for the earth.

When you honor and understand the elements of the song of your life, it can give you the strength and wisdom to take action for yourself and others in more powerful ways.

Take some time this year to understand and honor the song of your life.

And if you can, create some new earth songs this year.

The earth needs your evolving song of life.

If you like to explore song as a framework, join the Uplift Your Earth Vibe class.

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