Earthkeeper Rising

You can gently master your pathway to personal evolution at your own pace, using the simple steps to evolve your life and work.

The simplest framework for the Mindful Earthkeeper Journey

The Simplest Framework – Earthkeeper Rising

The foundation of everything we do is understanding that there are four main challenges that face the earth that create consequences from climate change to plastics in the ocean or destruction of pollinators by pesticides.

  1. We are too toxic.
  2. We are too wasteful.
  3. We don’t help the rest of life thrive.
  4. We lack mindfulness or awareness of our interdependence.

If we want to keep things simple in our lives, we address those four challenges.

We are all on the continuum of an earthkeeper rising.

As we become less toxic and wasteful, we rise.

As we help the rest of life to thrive, we rise.

As we become more mindful, we rise.

We spend a good portion of each year in our Mindful Earthkeeper courses, retreats and newsletter articles addressing these first principles of mindful and restorative living.

Karen Wan is one of those people who knows how to uplift my spirit, sometimes when I had no idea that I needed to be encouraged. It’s easy to get caught up in our daily lives and miss the bigger picture.

Laura B.

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