Essential Mindfulness Practices

Mindfulness by Karen Powers Wan

Five Empowering Mindfulness Practices


Shamata/Breath Work


Body Scans

External Focus


The meditation that is best for you is the one that you will practice consistently.

To that end, we offer a free weekly drop-in class on Wednesday mornings for anyone who is on our mailing list.

Still, there can be certain situations where a particular practice is more helpful than others.

What type of empowerment do you need?

Almost any kind of mindfulness practice or meditation helps you connect with who you really are.

To be truly empowered, we need to connect with our true nature on a regular basis.

It’s very easy to give up our power to society, to the people around us, and to old stories we have about ourselves.

Often, we are faced with illusions about ourselves, and mindfulness practices help us to sometimes discover our true strength for the first time.

We practice five types of mindfulness practices at Mindful Earthkeeper to help us with different empowerment needs.

Shamata and breath work helps us connect with the power of our ability to focus. In the process of meditating over time, we discover our authentic self. This can help us become more creative and present with others.

The Buddhist Loving Kindness meditation helps us to explore the power of our connection with the rest of life. It helps us to honor ourselves and other people. It also helps us to feel less alone.

Body Scans can help us to discover the power of our mind/body connection. We can tap into the power of our minds to heal a particular part of our body. We can simply feel better with a relaxing body scan, and reduce our stress levels.

External Focus mindfulness practices help us to engage our imagination to experience the connection with the rest of life. We tend to focus on natural external objects and connecting to their energy. This can be a surprisingly powerful way to get answers to problems in your life.

Gratitude meditations may seem cliche but they’re effective in moving us out of fear. It’s difficult to be fearful when we allow ourselves to feel grateful for different aspects of our lives. We also realize that we have power in how we create our lives.

Would you like to practice with a group of Mindful Earthkeepers?

– Every Wednesday morning, we meet at 8:30 am CST for a ten minute mindfulness practice
– It’s free for anyone who is a member of our community
– You simply need to be on our mailing list to get the meetup details.

Karen Powers Wan
Founder at Mindful Earthkeeper

I’m a writer, sustainable life design coach, and certified mindfulness instructor.


I’m based in Illinois and serve on the board of the National Water Center and ES Evolution.

Want a weekly free meditation drop-in? When you join our list, you get access to our Wednesday morning meet-up.

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