The Earthkeeper’s Corner

Join Karen and Lisa every week as we explore new and ancient ways to practice mindfulness and Earthkeeping.


One of the core principles of the Earthkeeper’s Corner is to honor our life story, and expand upon the most restorative themes and values in our lives. Seasonal retreats help us to keep respecting our role in the Earth Renaissance.


Every week, we practice one of five foundational mindfulness practices to clear our mind, improve our focus and creativity, and connect with the rest of life. It is often easier to maintain healthy practices in community.


Throughout the year, we explore different ways of creating wealth and abundance that are not destructive to our world or ourselves. As we slow down to restore ourselves, we create a healthier prosperity for all.

Let’s create an Earth Renaissance together.

Most of us need longer-term support to make bigger changes and transformations happen. So much of coaching is not affordable to women and men who are living unconventional lives and don’t necessarily have a great deal of disposable income.

The Earthkeeper’s Corner meets Monday through Friday mornings at 8am CST to practice mindfulness together, and discuss how to grow our careers and businesses for thirty to forty-five minutes. You don’t need to attend every session, but some people do.

When you join the Earthkeeper’s Corner program, you receive free access to the archives of seasonal retreats, music and meditation collections and seasonal workbooks.

The Earthkeeper’s Corner monthly payment is non-refundable, but there is no obligation to stay in the program for any specific amount of time. Only join if this feels right for you.

You have the option to contribute on a Pay What You Want basis. I have added this option to support those who are facing financial difficulties through the COVID 19 pandemic, and also for those who can support my work at a higher level.

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