These are books that I wrote about two of my favorite passions – writing and sustainability. They are written in a journal format to encourage the creation of daily practices around writing and sustainability that are tailored to your path and your needs.
You can purchase these books in a kindle or paperback format on Amazon depending on your needs.

writingyourdestinybookcover.jpgWriting Your Destiny offers a heart-centered approach to using your words to create change in your personal world as well as the bigger world.

Through an innovative ten-step process, the book helps you to write or rewrite your destiny through the unique perspective of looking at the spirals of destiny in your life and your work. A short, but powerful book, Writing Your Destiny can radically transform your life.  Through prompts and guided visualizations, Writing Your Destiny also can serve as an organized repository of your deepest values, passions and dreams that you can refer back to for years.


Seven Foundations of a Resilient Livelihood

Are you concerned with your ability to handle everyday challenges as well as the big changes that are certainly coming in the next decades and beyond?

Your personal success in the future depends upon knowing how to be part of creating a different set of rules than have been dominating the world of work for the last fifty years.

You have a choice to live by the old rules of competition, consumption and comparison or move into a new era of cooperation and support. To have more freedom in your life, you must first create a firm foundation of values and associated actions to flourish in the decades to come. This book helps you to develop that foundation.

The Seven Foundations can heal and strengthen your relationships, your work and your lifestyle in ways that offer not just survival in the upcoming years, but also a taste of what it means to create paradise on earth now.






2 Comments on “Books”

  1. Since I am an avid reader, do you have any books out? I also must put these on my new list for reading in 2012!

    • The two “journal books” on this page are what I have out so far that can be purchased. I’m very proud of what I’ve been able to share in both of those books.
      This year as I’m writing my blog, I’m collecting material for 2 more journal books to come out this year and then probably a Sustaining Stories book to come out in 2013 that discusses the work that I’m doing this year.
      You can click on the pictures of the books on this page to purchase either of them through Amazon if you wish.
      In the next week or so, I’m also going to be adding a free pdf book. My intent is to offer many more tools between now and then the end of the year.
      I like to think of all the subscribers to this blog as part of a community of writers, healers, entrepreneurs, alternative lifestyle champions, coaches and artists who are helping each other to serve the world in a bigger way. So, thank you for joining our eclectic community by subscribing to the blog!

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