Are You a Mindful Earthkeeper?

There is a good chance that you are a Mindful Earthkeeper if you are reading this.

A mindful earthkeeper is someone who is aware that the earth needs our help to stay healthy for the sake of all life.

Mindful earthkeepers can be the catalysts and change makers for a bright new era of earth history.

Changing the Way the World Lives and Works

This is a time in human history when we need earthkeepers more than ever.

When we look to the ancient past, through story and historical records, we know that shamans and other healers often had a role in healing people, animals, and the land. We can imagine that people in every generation were in awe of the stars and the beauty of our world, and felt a calling to care for this world.

Modern mindful earthkeepers also care deeply for the rebalancing of priorities so we protect and restore ecosystems across the earth. They can be found in any occupation.

Mindful Earthkeepers restore sanity and balance to the earth, and realize they often need to work to maintain their own healthy and well-being.

Mindful Earthkeepers open doors to new ways of caring for nature and working. Many times they are the people who create doorways no one else can imagine.

Mindful Earthkeepers create the world every day through the choices they make and the ways in which they create new pathways for ourselves and others.

Many earthkeepers have a presence that heals others. They also need to stay healthy and mindful themselves to heal the earth.

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