2023 Framework 1 – Turtle Steps


Gentle and Slow

The Power of Slow and Consistent Change

Sometimes the best way to create lasting change is to take small and consistent steps.

A big advocate of this type of change is Martha Beck. You might want to check out her work.

When to go slow?

Most of the time, the more you want a change to be lasting, the better it is to create small incremental steps.

There are exceptions.

Sometimes, you have to create drastic change.

If you just had a quadruple bypass, and your doctor tells you that you change your diet or die. You might need a major life overhaul. Drastic situations require drastic changes.

However, even in those situations, consistency matters.

If you want to be restorative in the year ahead, but don’t have a lot of time to change, consider the slow and gentle approach.

Benefits of the Slow and Gentle Framework:

– Easy to add to our daily routine
– Small changes
– Can be more enjoyable
– Easier to find partners in change

Want a Quick Start?

For 2023, we pulled together a slow and gentle list of changes you can make. None of the shifts take more than ten minutes of your time each day.

Suggested References

Finding Your Own North Star, Martha Beck, section on Turtle Steps.

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