2023 Framework 4 – Song of Life


Song of Life

Song as a transformational model

Song is not a new framework.

It’s ancient in fact. Yet, maybe we don’t use song as a frame for change as much as we could.

Vibration and “song” are transformational forces in the universe and here on earth. Some people teach that all transformation is vibrational.

In 2023, we are going to explore the benefit of the framework of seeing our lives as songs connected to a Great Song of Life.

The Song of Life Framework

A song is made up of three majors components:  melody, harmony and rhythm.

Our lives can be viewed as having melodies, harmonies, rhythms.

Songs also often have a vibe.

You can think of songs that are frightening, uplifting, gentle, passionate, discordant, all types of vibes.

Identifying your signature song can be a pathway to transformation.

A Song of Life framework can help us shift our perceptions about the value and beauty of our lives.  This framework can help us embrace the unique song of our life in transformative ways.

Connecting Our Song to the Song of the Earth

Each of us is a part of the song of the earth too.

As human beings we have a miraculous ability to create new songs.

We affect and shift the song of the earth.

Song is perhaps the common language across the earth that we can feel and understand without knowing another country or people’s language.

Consider the song of your life on the earth.

You do physically have a vibration, and you can metaphorically look at your life as a song.

Why use a Song Framework:

– When you notice recurring motifs/melodies in your life and want to develop them differently than you might develop a story
– When you want a more “feminine” or right brain approach to change
– When you know you need to change your vibe
– When you want more harmony in your life

If you want to dive deeper into this frame, check out the Uplift Your Earth Vibe class.

Suggested References

Soul Shifts, Dr. Barbara De Angelis. A beautiful book about practical spiritual mastery. Check out chapter 14 on making a vibrational difference.

Strengths Finder, Tom Rath. Sometimes, we need to check in on our strengths when we need to update the melody of our life.

The Mysticism of Sound and Music, The Sufi Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan. Explores the connection between music and the greater song of the universe.

The Mist Filled Path, Celtic Wisdom for Exiles, Wanderers and Seekers, Frank MacEowen. Beautiful description of the Oran Mor, the Great Song starting on page 139.

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