2023 Framework 3 – Story



Story as a Frame for Change

Probably at several points in your life, you have been asked to consider the story of your life.

Whether it was for a resume, a bio on a website, or social media, we are asked to share our story with others.

The most important person to look at the story of our lives is ourselves.

Stories have ancient roots

For much of human history, the oral re-telling of stories was our primary way of learning and growing wiser.

With the advent of books, we began to be able to share information as well as stories more widely.

Now there are so many stories and so much information in the world, we can be overwhelmed with what used to be the province of the storytellers.

When is Story a Valuable Framework:

– When you want to change, but your ideas about your story keep you stuck
– When you want to review where you have been
– When you want to celebrate a significant milestone
– When you are promoting your ideas, your work or your business, stories help us to make our content stronger

Sustaining Stories

Sometimes, we need to give ourselves a break about the story of our life.

This simple worksheet is designed to help you reframe your power to start again.

Suggested References

The Heroes Journey, Joseph Campbell – fascinating study of how global mythology was often created around the story of heroes.

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