Midyear Harvest

Midyear is a natural time of continuous harvesting at least in the northern hemisphere. It can also be a time to be mindful of what needs to be harvested in our lives.

When we don’t harvest what is ready to be enjoyed now, we don’t leave room for new growth.

Think about this for a second.

Like the picture of the chamomile in my garden overcrowding the rest of the plants, we sometimes need to harvest a particular aspect of our life to plant the seeds of other ventures.

In some ways, harvesting can be a little sad. The times of blossoming and harvest don’t last forever.

For a while the ground is barren when we plant new seeds and keep the weeds out.

It’s the same way in our lives.

There are cycles for growing ideas into plans into projects and maybe into businesses, communities and more.

We don’t get to say in one aspect of the cycle of growing and dying and being reborn forever.

This June, take some time to harvest and maybe do a review of what you have grown this year. What is blossoming and what is dying?

Can you give yourself permission to savor every aspect of change and regeneration?

Published by Karen Powers Wan

Writer, Restorative Lifestyle Coach, Sustainability Project Manager, and Meditation Instructor.

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