Mindful Earthkeeper Events in March and April

We have some great events and programs created for you in the next few months.

This month, March, our Mindful Earthkeeper community is focusing on resource mapping and how that relates to restorative living. Resource mapping may sound like a dull topic and tedious but it’s crucial to knowing your unique of living restoratively.

To live restoratively, we need to know how we use and create a meaningful, balanced and beautiful life from the resources that are available to us. Our resources aren’t just physical ones. We can make resource mapping fun and useful!

Since the beginning of March, we have been offering a ten minute mindfulness practice every Friday morning at 8:30 CST. We’re focusing on shamata meditation this month. After the practice, we will discuss different ways of looking at your resources than you might have considered before now. 

Creating a personal resource map is also a great way to prepare for next month’s challenge and our April monthly theme of zero waste living and for Earth Day too!

For the rest of the month, Karen Powers will be teaching a 4 quadrant method of resource mapping that is inspired from the work she did with companies, communities, and individuals over the last 15 years in the Chicago area.

As we move through this year, the topics we share in posts and within the community build upon each other.

Together, we’re practicing a gradual approach to living more mindfully and restoratively.

Here’s a summary of events in March and April:

  • Weekly mindfulness practice every Friday morning at 8:30 am CST with a quick 10 minute presentation on restorative living by one or more of our collaborators
  • A Restorative Living Challenge starting April 5th
    • In April, the first week, we will have five LIVE evening sessions
    • Subscribers to the newsletter will receive guides and checklists to help you create your custom challenge
  • April articles and presentations on Zero Waste Living
  • Monthly Restorative Music for Expanding Creativity

We hope you will join us, if any of these topics and events interest you.

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