America Needs Healing

Dear friends in America and around the world, 

Yesterday was a day full of unprecedented surprises and shocks. 

The senate in Georgia flipped blue, and changed the American political landscape in ways that most of us couldn’t have imagined a few months ago. Some of us are very excited about the possibilities of big positive change coming to America with the new administration.

Yesterday afternoon, destructive chaos struck our capitol. While many of us expected trouble from the outgoing President, few of us could have predicted how a mob could take over the Capitol building with such seemingly little resistance.

I had planned to be sending the first in a series of blogs about restorative lifestyle planning yesterday. It did not feel like the right time to begin that journey with you all.

Instead, today, I am going to suggest that we need to think about how our restorative actions contribute to the healing of our nation.  If you are from another country, you may want to consider your country, or the broader world.

Each of us has an ability to be a calming, wise force in the days and months ahead. Sometimes, we need to be strong and clear, and stand up for what is right and good. I know many of you have been doing that in various ways.

Today, I want to challenge you, and myself, to think even more deeply about how our individual life purposes align with our nation’s healing and restoration, particularly this year.

What is your role in healing America in 2021?

This is a question to take some time to ponder.

You may not see or have an answer for your healing role for our nation or our broader world until later this year. Maybe not until the very end of the year, when you look back and see what miracles you created.

Bless your restorative path this year, as well as America’s and the rest of the world!

Working together we can transform individually and collectively in ways that we might not think possible at this moment.

Sending you peace and calm in these troubling days!

Published by Karen Powers Wan

Writer, Restorative Lifestyle Coach, Sustainability Project Manager, and Meditation Instructor.

One thought on “America Needs Healing

  1. Thank you for the encouraging direction forward, Karen. Our country needs to heal, and so do we. Your contemplative questions are really important and I am going to consider them seriously. I hope you will continue to post on this topic as well as moving forward with your originally planned emphasis. I do wish you the best on your own journey this year, friend.

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