What do we need the most this fall?


Not just any type of kindness.

We all need to listen to what kindness means for our particular situation.

Time Mastery and Kindness

Whether you attend the equinox retreat or not, I’m sending my whole list these pre-retreat emails regarding time mastery. We will go into bigger detail with all of this at the retreat. 

So many of us need to expand our ideas about what it means to engage with the mystery of our time on earth.

Time mastery and kindness are intimately linked for anyone attempting to lead a graceful, soulful and deeply satisfying life. 

Kindness sometimes requires us to have different priorities at different times.

Sometimes, we need to completely pause what we are doing, and rest and restore ourselves.

Other times, kindness requires that we have a playful flow, with a slow and steady pace to our days.

Less often, the kindest thing you can do is to push through to the finish line. When we’re pushing all the time, that’s very unhealthy and unkind to ourselves.

We often have a narrow view of what it means to be kind to ourselves and others.

In my opinion, kindness is the number one factor to consider when you’re trying to decide whether it’s time to play, pause, or push as we look to master our time.

That’s why we’ll be talking about healthy kindness in more detail at my fall retreat  a week from today. I’m excited for all of you who have already signed up.

How do we decide what type of kindness is needed in our work and life?

Here are a few guidelines:

  1. Look at where you are in your life and work cycles.
  2. Notice your level of excitement with what you’re doing.
  3. Pay attention to health cues.
  4. Surround yourself with kind people.
  5. Discover the type of leadership that you need to show at this time.

We will talk about each of these facets of kindness at the fall retreat. For now, you can consider these aspects of your life on your own if you don’t need the retreat.

All of us need to look at kindness in our lives from a practical and soulful standpoint. This holistic view of kindness opens up understanding for  making decisions on how to spend your time.

As we all know, there are forces in the world telling us that people who are kind are not strong. Many popular ideas of leadership often include a toxic relationship with kindness. This is something that needs to change.

For the next week, consider what healthy kindness means to you, and how it can inform the way you spend your time. Notice what type of kindness is missing in your life.

Make kindness a priority this upcoming season and you will be well on your way to become a master of your time!

Published by Karen Powers Wan

Writer, Restorative Lifestyle Coach, Sustainability Project Manager, and Meditation Instructor.

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