Would a Better Tool be Your Perfect Christmas Gift?

A few weeks ago, my mom asked me: Would you like a vacuum cleaner for Christmas this year? Normally, a vacuum cleaner is not high on my list of Christmas must have gifts. I tend to like frivolous, sentimental or romantic gifts. Not a tool for Christmas.

If you’re someone who loves tools, you are probably ahead of me in terms of practicality and curiosity. I went ahead to the store with my mom and we picked up a better vacuum cleaner than normally would for our house. The reason is our two dogs: Olivia and Zeus.

Zeus and Olivia

With one son in college, and another one starting next year, I have been making do with most things. It didn’t really bother me to use the old vacuum cleaner and lug it up the stairs.

However, after purchasing my Christmas gift with my Mom, I decided to see how this new tool works. To my surprise the vacuum cleaner was so much better than what we had. It almost made vacuuming fun. My new vacuum took so much less time to do what I needed to accomplish.

It got me to thinking about how much we need better tools, even when we think that we don’t.

If you’re venturing out shopping today on Black Friday or doing some online holiday shopping, you might want to consider tools. And not just the mundane kind for maintenance or hobbies. Do you need better software? Do you need a better version of a tool for something you love to do? Is there an area of your life that you have been settling for tools that don’t really work well at all? Or maybe you need a better service provider.

This holiday be mindful of how you live and work, and notice if there are any tools that you’re using, that just aren’t good enough. Give yourself the gift of a better tool!

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